a design collaborative

à° /di’zain/ /ko’laberetiv/


A Design Collaborative. The first ever! A design collaborative is a flat and open organization with a non-hierarchal structure. A group of people where each is a leader and a team player at the same time. With a common vision on sharing opportunities, risks and knowledge, this Design Collaborative is based on the relationship between individuals, teams and organizations. Our rules are founded on reciprocal respect and building on each other’s ideas while providing cutting-edge solutions to complex problems. By the way, in Paco, working together is the perfect mixture of commitment, competence and well-being.
A flat and open organization facilitates a bottom-up, co-creational process, while mixing different approaches instead of using pre-fab and dogmatic solutions. We believe this is the best way to create sustainable values and achieve innovation for real. In Paco we choose to work only on projects we believe in and that fully respect our values: our efforts to empathize with the challenges we are given and to provide and test the solutions by working side by side with all the stakeholders, help us to have a different point of view and guide us in our on-field work.

our vision

At PACO we believe in the potential of design and education in fostering social innovation, sustainable behaviors and business opportunities. By reframing the way we look at the reality, remodeling the way we live and work, sharing knowledge in our own community, we strive to build a better world.

designing worlds of opportunities

How we do it? Simply focusing our efforts on four main areas and collaborating with public institutions and private businesses to increase the impact of their social policies. Our services include:


Research and Analysis

Socio-economical on desk and on field research, user behavioral and qualitative research, policy-oriented research, enterprise and company mapping, trend and best practice scanning and analysis

Education and Training

Innovation and design thinking, coaching, workshops and jams

Storytelling and Tooling

Enterprise narrative development, communication strategy, knowledge sharing strategy, tool design and development for self-evaluation, design process optimization and collaborative working

New business model

Business model reframing, needs and opportunities mapping, service and product redesign, support in fundraising strategies

Design and implementation

Strategic thinking, system and service design, co-design and co-production

recent projects

ready to take part?


Find the perfect environment where you can share your skills and gain new ones; find competences to develop your projects; have the flexibility in choosing the project want to work on and the duration

Profit organizations

Find the perfect partner for research on innovation and new business models; develop your own and support other projects that are in line with your CSR; train your staff to innovate; collaborate and comprehend the context of your organization, acquiring solutions with our custom-made design tools

Non profit organizations

Find your way to introduce design thinking and innovation into your organization to approach change; get support to design or redesign your business model, products, services, and communication strategy; partner with us to develop a social project together; train your staff to innovate, collaborate and comprehend the context of your organization, acquiring shared solutions with our custom-made design tools

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